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August 25, 2006

How this works

Currently, how this will work until I make the site look better is that there are different categories over there to my right. In each category will be information regarding that topic. Easy enough right? I'm still playing around with this whole setup and I'm not even sure if this is how I want it yet, but this is how it will be for now. So, why you may ask do I have this in a whole separate wiki from the main BOL news? Mainly because I felt like it. This way it will be easier to have different looks to different parts of the site, once they are properly linked and such. Ok, now back to the drawing board.


August 26, 2006

Getting Somewhere

Much progress has been made on the site today. People have been able to leave comments and most of the links work better now. I still have to write a lot of information and I still have to fix the look of the site but this is a good start. I've started some of the editing of the older information. As I've said many times feel free to leave comments. Your comments won't immediately appear on the site because they are first scanned and checked to try and eliminate spammers and such. Hopefully if this system works as it should your comments should automatically be displayed after the first time you post, though I'm not sure about this.


p.s. I just realized that I forgot to post this, so some of it might be a little old/outdated (though I wrote it just yesterday).

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