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August 28, 2006

History of BOL

This page is a work in progess.

The history of BOL is still being discovered, but many scholars are constantly working to uncover the back story, or history, of BOL. Some history won't be found until players come and uncover it. Also, there is no set plan for the future, that's up to you guys to figure out while you play. You are the future. But now back to the history...

The year is 1000 A.W. The lives of everyone are just starting to come back to normal, but no one knows what normal used to be. After the war (A.W.), along with the slow rebuilding of the cities has come the new age of learning. The past of the world is just now starting to be made clear, though many things still remain a mystery. Only the Elves, it is said, still remember the whole past, but only the wisest are close. Historians believe that it has now been 1000 years since the end of the great war, the war that killed so many, the war that some say was just a beginning. That war, which has been referred to as the Great War, or the Hundred Years War, is as far back as anyone remembers, except for possibly those of great age among the Elves. It was said in the ancient legends that people used to use magic for everything, and that everyone had lived together in peace. It was also said, in one version of the legend, that the demons were all originally normal Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Trolls, and Orcs who had been deformed during the war into their current state of chaos. That legend, like many of the others, has been denounced as false, but yet, it is still shared among the races. All that is commonly known by the races of BOL is that the past 20 years have been fairly peaceful, referred to as Golden years. Before that there had been 40 years which were called the Divine years. During the Divine years 5 strong leaders, referred to as the Divine, kept control of all the land. Not everyone felt that those were good years, as many suffered great hardships during this time, but everyone agrees that the leaders, the Divine, were the strongest beings to ever walk the planet. As to their deaths, no one really knows. The Divine seemed to have just vanished and have never been seen since. Most think them to be dead, though a few believe that the Divine still walk the planet. All anyone knows is that the Great War was before the Divine Years, but no one really knows when. According to the calendar it was 940 before then. But this is the confusing thing, no one remembers what happened between the war, and the Divine. Furthermore, even though the Great War is also called the Hundred Years War no one actually knows if it lasted 100 years or longer. No one even remembers why the Great War happened. The hope is that in the future the history of BOL will be revealed, and the forgotten secrets recovered. But who knows where it will turn up?

[To be continued...]

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