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August 27, 2006

The Main Cities

There are currently twenty-eight main cites; four for each race and four in the Shadow Lands. There are currently nine unnamed cities, so I'm open to suggestions (we need a name for three orc cities, two dwarven cities, and for the four cities of the Shadow Lands). Now, don't get to thinking that these are the only cities on the continent; these are simply all of the main cities, the ones of greatest size and importance. There are many smaller cities and towns throughout BOL. The names of these towns are as follows;
Elven: Quelatas (capitol), Alverân, Aerlon, and the Mystic Forest.
Human: Pacis (capitol of the world), Daloran (capitol), Vindaril, and the Mountains of Lore.
Dwarven: Stonegrove (capitol), Mindal, Unknown, and the Unkown.
Orcish: Unknown (capitol), Unkown, Unknown, and the Mountains of Plague.
Demonic: Futile Isle (capitol), Death Valley, Malthvoranai, and the Barren Lands.
Troll: Mak'Dash (capitol), Thankandar, Stoneground, and the Fjords of Bambludar.
Shadow Lands: All Unknown

Better descriptions of each city is to come.

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