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August 26, 2006


The Demons are a very dark and mysterious race. The Demons are fairly smart but because of their love of destruction no written histories of this race has survived. The Demon society, if there really is one, is very complex because of its extreme adversity. The Demons consist of the "classic" demons, the wraiths, the half-snakes, the warewolves, and the vampires. This great adversity causes many factions within the Demon race. These factions, though we know they exist, remain to be much a mystery. All of the demons like to live in caves, underground catacombs, and near volcanoes. Demons as a whole hate sunlight and would much rather be in darkness. Much is still to be learned of the demons, especially since much of their territory is yet to be safely explored by other races.

Unlike the other races the Demons as a whole don't like one specific kind of weapon but rather each type has its own likes and dislikes. The "classic" demons look like what we would call a devil, a short red guy with horns and a tail. Werewolves turn back and forth between 'human' and wolf depending on the moon. Even though they dislike sunlight they aren't physically hurt by it. The Vampires feed off the blood of others, like Werewolves, but are greatly hurt by sunlight. Only very strong Vampires have any strength at all against sunlight. The demons, werewolves, and vampires all like to fight with their claws and teeth rather than with a formal weapon. Wraiths are often mistakenly called ghosts because of their ability to go through walls and their transparency. Wraiths however, can't go through all walls like many people believe. Wraiths use magic as their formost weapon partly because they can't lift many object and also because they can take their magic with them through walls but not normal items. Half-snakes like dark and damp places the best. Not much is known about this group because they are less commonly seen and those people who have seen Half-snakes rarely are found alive or are in too much shock to tell much. Half-snakes are good with herbs and like to use small daggers tipped with poison. The Demons are a very interesting race but much is still to be learned about them.

[New Note:] Eventually when I actually write more about the demons each of these subclasses will recieve their own page. For now though, to keep things simple, they will all go here. A lot of information for demons was discussed on the forums and in a couple of gchat conversations that I had. I'll work on integrating some of that once I've reread some of the other pages. The spelling and grammar mistakes that I've found are terrible. Also, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions below. Anyone can leave a comment, you don't have to use your real email if you don't want to, and nothing besides your name will be shown to others besides me.

More about Demons

This is pretty much all taken directly from a gchat conversation that I had with Achenar. I'll integrate it into the original stuff and rewrite it all later. Also, things that I felt needed to be added in are in []. This isn't the whole gchat conversation, I cut out some lines, so it's possible that not all of this will make sense.

me: well, demons are the most complicated race to begin with
Achenar: Of course.
me: there are many different kinds, but of one kind you have choices of size
skin color variations
me: well, yes horns on some types
though not all demons have horns
you can customize everything about the face except for eye color during character creation
(you can change eyecolor of other races but not demon because they are all either yellow or red)

ok, so more about demons...
the most interesting thing about character creation for them is that you don't create what they first look
like, merely what they'll look like eventually
oh, and one thing i didn't mention earlier is that you also select the age of your character (it is possible
to truely die in BOL but it's complicated and I'll explain later if you want to know).
But back to character creation and how demons work..
As a demon you take over someone else's body and will eventually transform that body into your own (the one
you customized during player creation).
The body you take over can be either a real person player or an npc.
At the begining it will only be npcs that you can take over, because real players have a stronger willpower
against demons and also I haven't decided how all that will work just yet.
after taking over the body, there will be at least a short period of time before you have total control over
it, in which the npc might still move around when your offline, and such things.
and depending on which race you infect and which people you associate with you might be able to live like a
"normal" person in that community for a number of BOL years, which differs from our actual time.
But, enevitably as a demon you'll turn into your demon form and won't be able to still blend in with the race
you infested.
Because of this you'll either have to corrupt other people into allowing you to stay or go to live in the
demon volcanoe (by live there I mean make that your home even though you'll doubtlessly travel around everywhere).
if a real player doesn't play for a long time, or if I know that he has a new account, I might recycle his
body to a demon newbie
if he [that real player] doesn't play within a month [BOL month] of being possessed then he'll lose all control
Achenar: Sooo... wait, are demons a n00b race?
me: No. But newb in that sentence just means new..
I guess I could do it and not be a newb. :)

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