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August 26, 2006

Current Status:

Last Updated 1/24/07:

The server is finally fully working. I now need to spend a lot of time on graphics, the gui, and implementing the other features of an MMORPG, like the whole RPG part. Character selection will be the next big step towards role-playing and will happen soonish once I have some new graphics to implement. Maybe I'll let players upload their own, unsure on how the code will turn out. Here's the statuses:

Items/Weapons: 3d models are on their way. Code is standing by.

AI for NPCs: 45%

Voice-over-IP: 25%

NPCs: 98% (just need to work on MySql tables for npcs)

Cloud Bug: Might be fixed...

Real Physics: 70%

Character Selection: 83%

Login Screen: 95%

Customizable Controls: 87% (I just need to finish up some code for that)

Camera Collision bug: 80%

Mouse Wheel Bug: FIXED

Realtime Shadows: 94% (works most of the time)

Make a demo to test graphics: DONE

Get demo to work on all windows operating systems: DONE (for windows 98 and above)

Add water to demo: DONE

Finish a new city: The city was never completed. I have the unfinished copy and will work on it myself.

Implement server: DONE

Implement gui: 80%

Animation bug: FIXED

Display Name Problem: FIXED

Release first beta: I need to define beta...

How you can help:

Some people want to know how they might be able to help the creation of BOL so this section will address that. After the beta is released I will release some of my content creation tools to the public so that anyone who wants to help can. At the moment the only ways you can help is to submit ideas on the Forum or to submit models to so that I can look at them and then put them in the game where I think they should go. For any additional questions that you might have just email me at Eventually submission of content will be through a submission program that I will release after the beta. I hope this helps answer some questions.

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