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August 26, 2006


The Dwarves are similar in appearance to Humans but they are much shorter and tend to have longer beards. The Dwarves love to mine for precious metals and to drink beer. As you can imagine being drunk while swinging a pickaxe isn't always the safest thing to do so there are accidents in the mines periodically. Dwarves are good craftsmen of metals and love to be around the forge. They tend to live in or near the mountains. Dwarves are not very good swimmers and tend to keep away from deep water. The Dwarves have a farily complex system of tunnels under their cities that give them easy access to their mines. The favorite weapon of the Dwarves is the battleaxe. The Dwarves have strong arms from constant use of hammers because of their craft and are very well suited to the axe. They especailly prefer heavy ones.

The Dwarves pretty much all live in the same areas but they do still have different factions. They have the warriors which defend the town and explore new territories, the miners who take the precious metals out of the earth, and the crafters who forge the metals into items. The crafters and warriors spend a lot more time above ground then the miners do. But otherwise the fact that these different factions do different things and like to be in slightly different places they all live together. And of course in every Dwarven city there is at least one tavern or bar that they like to spend their free time at.

[New Note:] It seems that I was wanting to be a dwarf when I wrote this. Anyway, some if not all of the second paragraph need to be rewritten, and some of the facts need to be changed. I also haven't mentioned what towns all these races usually inhabit. I should go do that sometime...

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