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August 26, 2006


The Elves are a mystical bunch that are very in tune with nature. Elves have good eyesight and are good at stealth. The favorite weapon of the Elves is the bow. For the most part Elves are master bowmen.

There are three main groups of Elves; The tree-dwellers, the water-folk, and the crafters. The tree-dwellers, as their name implies, like to live in trees and are very good at building. The water-folk like to make boats and have sailed around much of the continent. It is the water-folk who allowed the Elves to first reach their now private island just south of the mainland. The crafters are some of the best artisans. They are better than every other race except maybe Dwarves when it comes to stone work and metal crafting. The crafters like to live on the plains and in peaceful valleys. All three groups of Elves are friendly with each other though the crafters like to be alone.

The Elves greatest possesion is their knowledge. The very observant Elves know a great many things from their thousands of years of existance. The Elves greatest gift to any other race is some advice for the road ahead. The Elves' knowledge is a reason for jealousy among many of the other races.

[New Note:] I think I was favoring the Elves when writing this, shame on me. I also think that I did a really bad job on creating the "groups of Elves". It must have been one of those last minute things that I did originally. I'll have to refactor this a lot. Please leave suggestions. It's appreciated.

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