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August 26, 2006


Today I will try to start this very important topic on how the gameplay of BOL will work. First of all, for those of you who haven't paid any attention to BOL, BOL stands for Birth of Legends and is a MMORPG. So what is a MMORPG? That stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which means that you control one character and that you interact with hundreds or thousands of other people who are controlling their own characters somewhere else on planet earth. Ok, so you interact with lots of other people, not including the computer characters (called NPCs), and you do whatever enough. That's a pretty vague and partially untrue description so in the paragraphs to come I will explain everything you'll want to know from what you can wear, to where you can go, to how the time works.

[Edit] This needs to be split into sections sometime, as well as actually read over and fixed since many things has changed to the gameplay since I wrote this. Leave comments about things that don't make sense as I'm not sure I'll catch everything during this brief read. [/Edit]

In Birth of Legends you start off the game as a slave, no matter what race you choose, and have to do a short quest to become free. During that quest you learn the basics of how to play and obtain some basic items for survival, like food and money. Then now, as a free person, you have a huge variety of choices to choose from. You can immediatly go exploring around town and learn different things from other players and NPCs. You'll learn soon enough that if you want to start a trade (like being a warrior, a magician, or one of the other classes), you'll have to become an apprentice to one of the Masters of that particular trade or class. As an apprentice you always have a quest to do and these quests help you learn/acquire certain skills, abilities, experience, and/or needed items. When you finish your apprentice-ship you can go wherever you want and practice your new skills. If you decide that you want to do a different trade you can become an apprentice again to whatever Master you want, but if you decide not to do another trade, there is much in the world of BOL to explore and do.

As a member of whatever race you decide to join you are allowed to move pretty freely within you designated territory. Outside of that territory you no longer have that limited protection and are on your own. The farther away from towns that you get the enemies get tougher to defeat and many players like to group up and work together to stay alive. As a group the group gets experience together as well as the experience you gain by yourself. As a group though you can't wander off too far and retain the bonuses that being in a group gives you. Also, even if someone is in your group it is possible for them to betray you and attack you. Most areas are pve areas (player verses everyone) which means that you can attack anyone and anyone can attack you. Often times people and NPCs won't attack you unless you pose a threat to them or unless you attack them first. Also, it is advised not to bother experienced players with many dumb questions because there is nothing to stop them from attacking you. So, you may wonder how lower level player can possibly survive if anyone can attack them. Luckily for the weaker folks if they stay within protected areas patrol gaurds will come to your rescue when your in big trouble.

Now that I have explained how the fighting works you'll probably want to know about in game communication. You can talk to any player in the game that you want to, but not all of the time. If a player is near you, you can type what you want to say and they will 'hear' what you wrote if their close enough. If you have a headset you will be able to directly talk to people and if their close enough they'll hear you. If you want to send a message to a friend that is far away you have two choices. You can either mail it to them or have a mage teleport to them with your message. Both of these methods cost money but the mage one costs more. The main difference between those two forms of communication is that mail can take a long time to reach the other person especially if they never check the post office for it and the mage messaging system is instant and 100% positive to get through. Now of course if you friend never logs on then he might never get either message. That is currently how communication works. I'll write more later when I can think of what I should write.

[New Note:] The communication system has remained the same, though some things have been added to it. Also, before I actually write about those things I'd like to mention that you don't have to become an apprentice to any class. Unlike many games BOL is not solely a class-driven or class-dependent game. Even if you decide to persue a certain class you aren't bound by that class. But, you should realize that you can't be an expert at everything at the same time. I'm not sure as to how I should describe it yet, so maybe I should code it into BOL and then make a small movie showing how it works. That won't happen soon though.

What has been added to the communication system is that players can kind of create their own. Guilds could decide, for example, that they all are going to write letters and leave them in a certain hollow tree stump by the side of the road outside Pacis. It will be possible to do this. The possiblities are pretty awesome, as you could train birds to carry messages, or perhaps some players will want to make some money by being a delivery boy, or maybe some players will create some sort of signals out of fireworks and shoot them from a tall mountain so all of their friends will be able to see. I'm doing my best to allow such possibilities to exist. So far everything that I mentioned is possible. I'm still trying to perfect certain aspects of decay of matter and stuff but it's coming together. I'll work on getting the content to show it soonish.

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