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August 26, 2006


The Orcs are a bunch of ugly and agressive people. What they lack in brain power they tend to make up in strength. But the Orcs do know some things. Though limited they do know some of the dark magic. Their careless mistakes, however, is what has caused much destruction of their homeland and is rumered to have attracted the demons. The orcs tend to live in very rocky and dry areas. Many of their homes are built into the cliffs or in caves.

The Orcs favorite weapons are barbed swords and warhammers. They are very good at war and love to battle. Because of their battle craize they don't really have an economy. If someone has something they want then they'll fight for it. This is why the Orcs haven't dominated the other races with strength.

The Orcs have three main places where they live; caves, flatlands in grass huts, and in the side of cliffs. The harsh conditions that they live in is also part of what has made them so strong. Orcs are a fairly formidable foe.

[New Edit:] I think I'll just make one of these new edit things on all of the pages. I fixed up that last sentence a little. I still have yet to explain how they manage to function so well without a good economy (they do have one even though it sounds like I was saying there isn't one). I also should add some pictures on these pages to add more life. But that will be to come.

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