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August 28, 2006

Man is this big

Be warned: This is one of the filler pages I'm creating so that I don't have to keep editing the links so much.


6 real world hours = 1 BOL day
1 real world week = 1 BOL month (28 BOL days)
12 real world weeks (about 3 real world months) = 1 BOL year

Now, on this schedule it will eventually stray away from the real world but that is fine. The basis of the BOL year is the real world week. This time system may or may not go into effect during the beta, I haven't decided yet.

The Universe:

The still unnamed planet that BOL takes place on has two moons and orbits around a single sun (there had been some discussion in an earlier time of having two suns but the orbit became too unstable). The planet is surrounded by an ice sphere that holds in the atmosphere and creates a high air pressure on the planet. [Diagram goes here.] The oceans cover about 1/3 of the planets' surface. (to be continued...)

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