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August 26, 2006


Trolls are big, ugly, and not extremely smart. Their tough skin is a big part of what has helped them survive. Trolls live mainly in caves. A Troll's favorite weapon is the club. A Troll's club is usually very heavy but to a troll it feels light. Despite the strength of Trolls they tend to move slowly. There are some times when a Troll makes an intelligent action, but because of their slowness it will often fail. Trolls are very poor craftsmen but some Trolls know limited forms of magic. Magic has greatly helped to Trolls to survive.

There are two main groups of Trolls, mountain Trolls and forest Trolls. As their name implies the mountain Trolls live in the mountains and the forest Trolls live in the forest. The only real difference between these groups besides location is the material used for their clubs. Mountain Trolls tend to have stone clubs while forest Trolls tend to have wooden clubs. The Trolls are a very powerful and dumb race.

[New note:] Many people have asked me why I've made the trolls seem like such a dumb race. Well, it's because they are, but obviously, any players that play as a Troll will be smarter and will be able to use them more efficiently. These descriptions are just about the race and has very little to do with actual gameplay.

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