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What I've been doing

Well, first off if you've made it here you must know that Birthoflegends.com is currently in transition. For some reason I can't get bloglines to find the rss feed on this page, so I'll try to fix that befor the transition is complete. I still need to change this first page quite a bit, revamp the new forums, and figure out how I want everything to work.

The biggest question I've been asked lately is why I haven't updated the mainpage and how's the game going. You mostly know the reason of the mainpage; at the time of this post what you see at Birthoflegends.com is not the most recent page (this one). About the game, well, here's the scoop on that:
First, the old BOL server computer can't be brought back to life and Jon and myself have yet to find a good replacement that's available.
Second, I haven't been home a lot lately due to driver's ed, trips to Boston, and other vacation things which means less time to work on stuff.
And third, After Effects. It's the time of year where my church group makes a movie for a summer camp movie competition, and I need to make some new logos to put in the beginning of them. Also, a small group of friends and myself have been making small videos for a while now and it's great to be able to add extra effects to our movies, like the light sabers below:

And with all of these things along with the pressing need to finish transferring/upgrading this site I haven't made any big updates to the game besides some of the physics stuff that I haven't released yet. I'll keep working and try to have more done soon. In the meantime you can help by making suggestions for the site and/or helping me to make 3d models for the game itself.



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