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The Countdown

This week is kind of a countdown, for what I can't be sure of yet. On Saturday I leave to go to teen camp and I hope to have a playable client up by then. Last Saturday (or maybe it was Sunday) I made a checklist of what I wanted to get done before leaving for camp, and it goes as follows:
1. Finish the database (MySQL) layout. Check.
2. Finish the server/client network code. Almost Check.
3. Finish the rest of the server. Will be checked when 2 gets checked.
4. Finish a playable client (not playable as in done but playable as in players can actually do something besides just waling around). Not Checked.

So that's the BOL status at the moment. If I was doing nothing else but working on BOL I might promise the above checklist to be done by friday. However, since that is not the case I can't promise that it will be finished. I can promise that I'll have something done by saturday but what that something is exactly is still to be determined. The something else I've been doing is working with 3ds Max and Aftereffects to work on movie projects for teen camp. Below are some side things I did in Aftereffects. Enjoy.

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4 is sick.

I like 1, 2, and 3, but the font of the text is too plain, it isn't as noticeable in 4. (1 is much cooler than 2 imo, though i think you can cut from about half-way through since without mttb games there's no real reason to keep watching the flames).

About 4, I do think instead of just meandering it should freeze at some point, but then it would probably be too much like revolution studio's logo.

Back to 1: maybe if you put a dragon facing the camera which is breathing the fire...



It's great to get some feedback :) . Those were all very quick tutorials just for me to get a feel of what I was doing. None of them were made specifically with MTTB Games in mind, it was just for fun. That said, I think it would be fun to try your suggestions. A dragon would be fun to make, and some camera movement or some freezing in video 4 would definitely look cool



just in terms of the site as a whole:
- the top bar should link back to the home page on all the pages, not just the blog ones

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