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October 22, 2007

Coming Back Alive

Ok, I haven't posted in a very long time, I haven't had an update in even longer, and I have some explaining to do. Basically after the last post, when I still hadn't quite reinstalled everything I needed, school started to crush me with work. Five AP classes is actually a challenge, and I actually have homework now. This concept of homework is something that I had forgotten after the fifth grade and have had to relearn this year (technically I've always had homework but I've always had time at school to finish it, not so this year). Also, the whole college thing keeps getting in the way as well. Like two weekends ago, for example, I had to go visit Champlain College in Vermont so that my mom would finally get off my back (yes, it was a good time, and I'm glad I went, I just don't like the idea of spending my weekend at a school). The weekend before that trip I had to take the SAT subject tests. This past saturday I participated in a walk for HOPE Worldwide, which is a charity that my church is a part of that helps the poor and needy throughout the world (This was a really fun time, but it took me away from a computer and the chance to work on BOL). In between those weeks I've had five big projects for various classes, three lab reports for Bioengineering, and two essays due. Also, as I was relearning the whole homework thing, I had gotten a little behind in three of my classes and had to work extra for a couple days to catch up.

So, now that school is balanced again, will I be able to devote my full attention back to BOL? Not for a few more weeks. This isn't to say I won't/haven't been working on BOL at all. I fixed the clouds (you know how unimportant that is) and I've gotten most everything BOL related back up to date. BOL still lacks the main thing it lacked a month ago, which is 3d content. So, I've dusted off my lack of 3d modeling skillz and have started creating some base characters/creatures/plants/objects/buildings that I'll be able to put into the game and start making it look better than the empty wasteland with strange character and snow that it was previous. Oh, and because I feel bad for not having anything here besides my useless talking here's a random picture I "made":

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