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September 1, 2007

Coming Slowly to a Computer Near You

So why is the client not done yet? Because of life. The last update of the site was made in between sessions of a church conference I was at which kept me busy till Sunday. Then Monday and Tuesday I had doctors appointments and an AP English project to finish for a return back to school on Wednesday. Wednesday after school I had about an hour at home before I had to go to college Orientation for some classes I'm taking this year, which pretty much took up the rest of that day. Thursday after school my family left to go on a camping trip, from which I have just returned. That isn't to say that I haven't been working on the game though. During the camping trip I figured out some of the problems I was having, in theory at least, and I think I know what caused all those error messages now, which is good. I'll have time to look at it again tomorrow afternoon and all of Monday since there is no school Monday. I'll stop rambling now and get back to coding. I'll post again on Monday.


September 21, 2007

Hard Drive Failure

I'm still in the middle on reformatting/resetting everything up but at this point it looks like a lot of the latest work I did on BOL no longer exists. I hoping I have a recent backup or that it's saved on the other hard drive but things don't look very promising right now. What this means fully, I don't know. I'll post a damage assessment tomorrow. It's really sad and frustrating but something bad like this seems to always happen when I'm about to be done with BOL. Go figure.


September 23, 2007

Damage Assessment

All of the latest BOL stuff that I had been working on is gone. All of my school assignments that I did on this computer are now gone. My desktop picture is now gone. So, consequently, I feel a little bit sad (I think I'm still in shock). What this means for the future: I'm not sure yet. Honestly I haven't checked all my backups yet or thoroughly looked at the other hard drives because I don't really want to know how much work got erased. In other news I have to go find the visual studio installer so I can start working again. Besides BOL I also need to write up my resume, a few college essays, do calc homework, and edit about 30 minutes worth of light sabers. I'll know more on the game status when I get visual studio back up. Hopefully things will get better.


September 27, 2007

All is not lost

I found a backup! All is not lost! I found a backup on the other computer finally. It is a few months old but at least it's something. I've fixed virtually all the problems once already so fixing them a second time should be much easier. The biggest problem now is simply finding the time. I've been feeling a bit sick this week (I even stayed home from school today) and there is also still a lot of school work for me to finish. I still need to finish reinstalling everything on this computer, including visual studio, before I'm able to continue working. I need to go get some sleep. I'll update as soon as I can. Sorry for the slow release.


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