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Coming Changes to the Website and Game Status

Lately, like the past three months or so, I've been telling people how I'm planning to release the game soon and also how I'm going to release the game. I'm still planning to. This website needs to be reorganized between movies, old games, and BOL. About BOL, right now I've having issues with Visual Studio adding extra unwanted dependencies. It's kind of a minor thing but I haven't quite figured out which options in the project properties needs changing.
Ok, so onto more interesting stuff. I went on a three hour bike ride yesterday and in the middle of that bike ride I decided to take out the camera and film some good clone action in a field. I'm not sure how good the sound is going to be since it was a little windy, but we'll see. Movie editing, filming, and cloning of me is a lot of fun and has been detracting from my computer time. But don't worry, it's still coming.


Edit: I've fixed all of the dependency/dll problems and the game now works on other computers. The server is also currently running. However, my upload speed is horrendously slow right now and I still want to change a few things anyway, so I'll update the download link tomorrow maybe.


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