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Back to Reality

Over the past year I've set many deadlines for when certain parts of BOL would be complete. Each one has come and past, some multiple times, and only small progress has actually been made. So, this past week, I looked at what really has been done and what really needs to get done still and found that BOL, besides being a long way from completion, won't really be able to progress until I can get some help from a 3D artist (or artists).

Basically, I can't just use placeholders for things anymore because all of the general code is done. So what I'm I planning now? Well, until I can get help from someone else BOL will have to go on a partial break while I work on improving the graphics engine, make more content creation tools so it's easier for people to help me, and figure out where to go now. If an artist steps up today I'd be happy to work on finishing the game. As that seems fairly unlikely, it may be a while. For now I've created a progress page that I'm still in the process of finishing that tries to go into more detail as to what is missing and where I need help.

So, where should I go from here? Honestly I'm not really sure. The past few months due to school and other distractions I've spent very little time actually working on BOL. From here I'd like to improve the game engine, make some smaller games, and have something new to show every week. I'm still considering what I want to do with the current BOL update and whether or not now is a good time to release it. If you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or email me.



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