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Filler pages and real stuff

Ok. Today I have added all of the links that had been grayed out before. Now, I haven't even attempted to finish all of them do some of those pages are just a kind of filler, though they still have basic descriptions about what they're about. And also they all have a warning at the top of them that will tell you if they actually are a filler or not. My reasoning of this is that this main page and those pages aren't really connected, I have to connect them semi-manually, so creating pages for them to link to and then linking to them makes me have less work and not have to update the links quite as often. You may have noticed that the links in the outer frame of this post (the ones on the top of the page) still mostly all point to the old stuff, except for the news one, which links to here. Well, firstly I haven't decided what I want to do with the download pages and the screenshots, and secondly I just haven't gotten around to that yet. Also, I need to finish up my English project as I only have today and tomorrow left to do it, so updates might be slightly slower (for a few hours). During my posting today I realised that I forgot to make a section in the links for crafting. If you guys can help me think of other things that I'm mising that would be great.



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