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Even more changes! [Edit #1]

[Edit #1] I'm slowly adding some more information to the site so some things may look weird for a short amount of time. I'm realizing that I forgot important topics to be listed over at the side over there. If you notice anything else that you think is missing please tell me. Good news about the server is that after talking with Jon tonight I'm going to recieve it on wednesday and set it all up thursday so that it may be fully functional by the end of this friday, 9/1/06. Also, by the end of the week I'll have 6 computers set up in my room with at least 4 of them running at a time, which besides being awesome also means that I'll be able to do a lot more stress testing with BOL and will hopefully speed up production. That is all. [/Edit #1]

Ok, so I changed the height of the frame for what is at least a temporary fix. Now there aren't two scrollbars. I think that this will still work out fine but I'm not sure. Leave your comments of what you think, as your help so far has been great.



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What you could do is make the frame that the copyright resides in a lot smaller, and then float it at the bottom of the page.... Or add it to the blog stylesheets.


Well, the thing is that there isn't a frame at the bottom. The only frame on this page is this. It's possible that I accidently put the copyright into a table that is too big. I'll go look at that soon.



Hey mark! I really like your new systems here and while the laout is a bit under construction it looks great at the moment.

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to stop through to check it (grr...school) but things are looking rather well.


Thanks Terry. I've been doing a lot of updating recently and hope to continue doing so despite school (actually I think I'll end up doing a lot of site updating while at school). I need to work on a little bit of summer work before the end of the night but hopefully I'll manage to get a little bit more done with filling in missing information.


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