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Server Maintenance

Ok, so I was looking more into how it might be possible to use the server without fixing the OS, and I got close. I could connect to it though I wasn't able to stay connected. I think the problem is that I didn't open one of the ports in the firewall, as I can't come up with any other explanation. But, I'm also in lack of time to fix that now, and I'll be reinstalling the OS tomorrow, so there really isn't any point in me doing that. If everything works we'll be online on wednesday. Oh, and a breakthrough on the messed up head on the main character; it's not a problem with the mesh nor the skeleton, it's a problem with the animation file. I figured that out today by accident when I saw that the login animation worked perfectly. So I'll work on re-exporting them. Until tomorrow, vote at the post below. A dwarven city is in your hands.



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