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Update and new Monitor

First of all, I have another monitor now so I don't have to use remote desktop within remote desktop (which was a cool concept but also a real pain). I've had no luck reinstalling windows so far on the server, which isn't as cool. Basically, whatever is causing the weird error messages also causes the windows cd not to be able to run setup. I've checked on another computer so I know it's not the cd, so I'm currently coming up with a plan to remedy that. On another not so cool note, shortly after fixing the screenshot thing (in BOL) the code stopped compiling (now has messages which I know I caused but I'm not sure how). So, that may or may not affect things depending on how fast I'm able to fix it, but it's still a pain. So, in case anyone asks I officially hate servers and networking code. It seems that whenever I get close to getting it all to work something big decides to crash. It will be fixed though, eventually.



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I recommend releasing the anger on a pillow or punching bag. I've heard punching servers can be hazardous to your health...



Actually, I figured out that it's even safer to release my anger by blowing up enemy spaceships (space invaders). It's actually kind of relaxing, especially when everything is moving so fast that I can't react :) .



Gotta love that extra RAM...



u guys r talking in computer code whaaaaa i dont understand :( o ya i like super smash bros melee as a stress reliver yay:D

Somebody set Mark up the bomb. :(

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