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News: I'm very sick. I did little work on the game today but I did upload a patch to the server. Now for the explanation:

As far as I can tell from the logs no one experienced any problems but a part of the server software crashed again today. Luckily, today I also figured out what was wrong with (wow alliteration) part of the server in the first place, and I even knew how to fix it. This was the first time in many days that I wasn't confronted with any errors trying to fix something. Awesome. I have a really big headache right now. Ok, so, so far no two people have logged into the server at the same time, though there have been four different people who have logged into the server in the past two days. I'm sorry for the lack of new things but I have made some huge advancements with the server, so thankyou guys for testing it out. I have some ideas for how to get my login screen to work (what I only told Ix was that I programmed a login screen but for some reason it wasn't displaying properly). Though, I barely have the energy to respond to email and write this, so I won't look into it again till tomorrow. For character selection I'm going to add in something I think, if I remember to code it tomorrow, because it shouldn't be too hard to do a basic selection. And now I can't think straight anymore, so goodnight, and I'm going to bed...



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