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[EDIT2:] The problem with the cooler launcher has been eliminated. By the time you read this it will have been uploaded here.

[EDIT:] So, there was actually nothing really wrong with the server. I improved it further, found the fix not to work and then realized what had happened; the new launcher that I had made which looks so good doesn't actually work. See, I hadn't bothered to test it because I really can't, and so basically if anyone had downloaded the new version it won't work. So, I'll upload a new working version of the better looking launcher in the next 24 hours if I can't get this blasted login screen to work first.[/EDIT]

What I tried today went down in flames with over 100 errors. So, I have no binary updates for today. Yes, there is still time today but fixing all those errors tonight seems unreasonable. What I did accomplish today was I updated the MySQL tables so that it's ready to deal with character customization, though I haven't finished with the 3d content yet. One bad thing that I discovered today; somehow in yesterday's update I messed up the service that I fixed, so logging in doesn't seem to be working properly. I'm working on that now. I'm still tired.



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