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Something new

As those of you who read this know I'm not very consistent with posting here and/or updating the site. So, I've figured out a fairly good way to change this. Basically, instead of have the last five posts on this page what will be displayed is all the posts from the last week. This means that I'll have to post at least once a week for something to be displayed, which will force me to create news even if there isn't any. So, that's good news for everyone because I'll be working on the site more, making updates frequently, overall working more on BOL. Oh, and also as a side note, today during school a few of my friends pointed out some spelling errors I had made on one of the information pages. I tell you this because that is something I like to see; people who actually read and care about what they've read. So, if anyone finds an error in what I've written somewhere on the site please tell me as it's nice to know that you've read it and it's also nice to know that the site is accurate and free of mistakes.

Something else that was brought to my attention today; Should there be any incentives within the game to donate? That's a good question and I think the answer to that is yes, there should be. So, I'm still deciding what in-game rewards there should or shouldn't be for donating money, and I'll tell you once the server is back up and playable. For anyone who donates before the game gets up and running again, you will recieve access to unreleased content, special demos, unreleased demo movies, and also will gain a place in the credits for donating to BOL. So tell me what you think of this whole idea, and I'd like to say that I've already recieved one donation!



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Haha... actually, you don't have to post every week for something to show up. The old stuff doesn't go off the main page unless you rebuild it. Of course, then when you finally update, you'd only have one entry on the main page...



Oh. Well, that's nice to know too.


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