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Update 12/25/06

Downloads page is integrated into the rest of the site, so now I work on dynamic links. Current Online Demo

//Outdated but partially relevant info
This page has been in need up updating for a while but I haven't really wanted to. I will eventually integrate this into the rest of the site better, but not today. This is an updated demo with the fixed gnu built in. I'm in the process of creating a better animation system so that problems like this won't happen again. The server is on its way to being fixed, and I'll update this page again at that time.

The following are particle effects that I've recorded. They are in the bink format, so you need bink and smacker to play them. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Tech Demos:

This is a quick particle demo that I made. I forgot to include a help file so the basics are you use the number keys 1-0 to change particle effects, a and d to rotate the effects though this doesn't work too well, and w and s to zoom in and out though this is also kind of glitchy. Enjoy!

This is the thrid BOL demo release. This demo was suppossed to be online but it isn't because of server deaths. Download it here. It requires WinRAR. If you don't have it, head over to rarlabs.com

I realized that I should still have the original demo here too. Don't let the number 2 fool you. This was the first demo just version 2.


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