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This site needs help

Ok, so recently there have been more people coming to the site, and I've had many questions as to where to download the game, where information about the game can be found, and other such things. To help those with downloading the latest version of BOL, there is now a Download the Game link over to the right. For those of you who are unclear BOL is not finished yet and what you can download is more of a demo. I'm working on adding many more features, some of you have even seen the code to prove it, but my schedule lately has not been allowing me much time, so I'm sorry for the delays. I have made a small update that fixes the scroll wheel bug where you could zoom out to forever and I've also made the loading screen more amusing. I didn't make a separate upgrade download for this one because it only addresses very minor things, so if you want to get it you'll have to redownload the whole thing. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The downloads page has finally been integrated into this portion of the site, and I've learned a few new html tricks, so I'll be trying to fix up problems with this site and make everything easier to access. If you have any ideas or thoughts as to what you'd like to see please leave a comment. I'll make a page for my older 2D games tomorrow so that those of you who wanted to see them won't always have to look to the post below.
Server news: Today during programming class my teacher was absent so I had some fun and, for the first time ever, there were four people logged on at once. Once I figure out a good way to get through the school firewall I'll create a school version of BOL so that those of you who want to play at school, who might normally get blocked, will have that opportunity. And that's all for today's update.



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I have a report concerning the demo. That is, I can't get it to work. Every time I start it, I get some kind of "abnormal termination" error or something. Lemme try it again to confirm...

Yeah, I get some "abnormal program termination" thing. I assume I'm doing everything right, but... well, maybe it is user error, who knows?


Is the error coming from the launcher or from the game itself? Also, if it happens when you hit connect then tell me, because recently there has been an error at school with the launcher when you hit connect. The exact problem is unknown to me, but with your help I think I can find a solution.



Apologies on not responding sooner.

The error occurred during the loading of the game, AFTER hitting "connect". The window opened, showed all the loading messages, then on what I presume is the last, it would freeze and give me the error. Hope that's helpful, though I almost expect a new update by now.


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