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Some Newfound Bugs

For those of you who were really hoping for the login screen, I'm sorry. I haven't actually looked at that code at all today. But, now for my bug report/findings that me and Adam discovered today:

Bug #1; The clouds aren't rendering properly in todays' update, which is kind of a pain but still better then all of those debug messages. It isn't too bad, but it's all boxy, so it looks a little weird.

Bug #2; For some really strange reason, unknown to me, after playing with another person for about ten minutes they appear to stop moving. This seems to be something server-sided but I can't figure out the real cause yet. Even stranger about this though, and also kind of cool, is that while they won't appear to move they'll still spin and change directions as well as throw snowballs from their actual location (not the location from which they appear to be). This bug, though, might be client-sided, and not server-related, because it first was only happening to Adam, and then seemed to happen more frequently for him until it finally happened to me as well. What I did do to try and fix this problem is reset the server, so who knows if it will happen again. During this whole bug we were still able to talk to each other, which was a good thing.

Bug #3; Sometimes the snowballs would go through me or Adam without seeming to actually hit (there is a hit animation when such events occur). This is a bug, not an error, but I know where this one is coming from. It's from the lack of actual physics (something I'll be implementing in one of the next updates). This also caused a few collision errors, as had been reported back before this was online, but those didn't really matter as there are easy ways to get free, like hitting f1.

Bug #4; I can't think of one...that might have actually been it. If it wasn't Adam will hopefully remind me sometime.

So, all in all, the first half-hour or twenty minutes that Adam and I were able to play bug free were a lot of fun. I'll fix the login screen and then go on to getting real physics, npcs, and other models into the game.



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