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Loading Random Loading Messages

Some of you might recognize the title of this post from another game. Well, because my sister is using the testing computer right now I can't check to make sure what I just wrote works or not. So, in the boredom that comes from waiting, I decided that it would be a cool thing to have random loading messages. Of course, half of them go by too fast to read anyway, but it still gave me something to do for a short time and I'm pleased to say that the next release which will come out in a couple of hours will indeed have random loading messages. Also, because I forgot to mention it before, if you take a screenshot now it will come out right side up, instead of flipped. Also, in the last two updates some of the animations were really off, so I'm happy to say that at least for the player character that has been fixed. Another addition to the list of what you'll probably see tonight, most of the npcs move now. So, whether or not I want them to, as I'm not entirely sure I want all of them to, I think that they do. Though, I can't confirm this until I'm able to test it out again.
Let's see...Oh right, also now there is a new player character. I'll probably just have the new character as the default for players until the character selection screen is up, though tell me if you want otherwise. Hopefully I'm able to test it out soon, and if not I'll add some other feature that no one cares about :) .



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