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Update of 1/21/07

Yes, I didn't forget to update today. And, yes, I did actually manage to fix something. And yes, there is even new content. So here's what I did:
-I fixed the character animation once and for all.
-I put some of the npcs back in there places (you can place npcs yourself, type "/help addBot" ingame for more information)
-I added fireworks. I was too lazy to put in more then two because it took a while to get them to refresh correctly. I'll add more next update because they look cool.
-I changed the sky. I did this mostly because the old sky looked terrible compared to everything else and also because this sky looks better :P . One big change with this sky is that there is no sun, meaning there is no flare. I'll try to make another good sky that even has a sun, hopefully in the next week or so.
-I increased the snowball speed. More then one person complained that the snowballs weren't moving fast enough and both that it wasn't realistic, nor hard to dodge. Both of these statements were true and therefore I changed the speed of the snowballs.
-Aiming of snowballs has been improved; you can still throw a ridiculous distance as some of you claim, but the aiming hemisphere doesn't jump around as much as it had before.
-And finally, there are some visible penguins in the game (check out the pingoo village while online).

Screenshots from today:


p.s. Download the full version here, or get just the update here.


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