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Update of 1/23/07

Good News! I was successfully able to squish the bug of the week. Not only can multiple people play online again, but your actual name is displayed now instead of "Entity####" or "Self". I figured out how to properly use the registry, which is cool, and also means that you can even play multiple characters at the same time if you want to (this will be taken out once BOL gets into an official beta). I know I still need to create the whole login and character screens update but I seem to do a lot better with gameplay and graphics updates.
Current bugs left in this release: Penguins sink a little in the snow as well as are sideways. The fireworks don't always update properly. And finally, the camera still has issues every once in a while. If you find other bugs please tell me.
Upcoming: Login/Character Selection screens, fixed penguins along with other actual character models, real physics, and items/weapons.

Hope you enjoy! Latest patch here. Latest full client here. To open rar files head over to rarlabs.com.



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