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As can be seen in the screenshot above, there are now swords in-game. I just decided to give all players a sword because it looks cool, and because my theoretical item system doesn't fully work yet. After talking about magic and fireballs I realized that I hadn't made animations for spells, and as you guys want actual characters anyway I decided not to spend more time on that. For the curious few who are wondering I didn't release this yesterday because I wasn't at home pretty much at all yesterday. So now for the update:

-Shiny swords! Everyone can thank videoguy for making them, and they look great. Funny side-effect of swords is that they always have shadows, even though the character's shadows don't seem to work. And a side-effect of the shadows is that they aren't always the same color...

-New blue outfit. At first I was just making it in addition to the yellow outfit but while I've been using it for all the screenshots recently I've found that I for one think it looks better, and I'll leave customization for an actual character.

-New Animations! To go along with the swords I have new animations so that they aren't chopping their heads off (though sometimes they do nick themselves). I was going to add an axe as well, but it was a 2-handed one and these animations don't work for that, and I didn't want to spend more time on that.just yet.

-New start point! Eventually you'll start off where you were last login, but for now why not just end up at the other side of the map? :P

-Bigger penguins! I have nothing else to say about that.

-Solar Flare without a sun! It's kind of an easter egg because it can only be seen from a certain angle which is hard to find. Good luck in finding it!

Wow, that wasn't too bad of a list. So, next tasks: I want to take a look at the login/character selection screen again, I plan to change how the MySQL tables are accessed so that the former idea is possible, I will put in some fire somewhere, I will actually try to make those target things I had talked about (I didn't even try yet), and I will add a points system so that you can have a something to strive for. And that's everything I can think of on the list for the next update. If you have any other ideas feel free to mention them. I'll work on acquiring those character models again too. Oh, and I'll create a highscore table here on the site so everyone can see how many points they have!



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