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[Edit:] BOL is down for a few days, as I've just learned. A battery died (not sure where or what exactly). Just so you know.[/Edit]

Today wasn't completely a bust but I got very little done, in the way of BOL that is. I started and finished a quarterly project for english class that is due tomorrow, and that took some time as I hadn't read the book yet. Not to mention of course that my computer rebooted in the middle of paragraph five and I hadn't saved it at all yet. Good times. But that's all behind me now. Just so you know I am working on things but it keeps taking longer because today I was working on three projects besides school stuff like english. I'll finish the recoding project soon hopefully, and maybe have a new screenshot or two, and actually change/fix the downloads page, and the developer's page, and fix the wiki part of the site, and fix the forum, and make another movie...but all in good time.



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