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36 out of 48

I've been very sick and haven't even gone to school the last two days. The title of this post refers to how many hours of sleep I've had the past two days. I may have time to update something later today, but don't count on it as I still feel pretty sick. Thanks to Kotosha, Tzade, Kaminariuchi, and Orion who have been logging in and helping out with BOL in the past five days. Some of the points need to be increased for different people, so sorry for not getting on that yet. The one thing that is always updated on the highscores page right away is whether or not a player is online. Also, if you ever get a connection error when trying to connect to the BOL server you can just check that page to see if the server is working (if it isn't the page will display an error). Hopefully I'll have another big update by the weekend, but no promises right now of what that will include. I'll go work on getting unsick now...



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