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Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has been having a good day today. I for one had a snow day. And in trying to do something productive I rewrote part of the server so that it logs more information about collision. So, by logging in and throwing snowballs at stuff you'll be helping me figure out why the collision works some times and not others. I have nothing else to say, except that I'm feeling a little bit better then I have the past couple of days.



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IT may not seem like much but that really is a fantastic update. We can finally figure out why certain things work and others don't.

Does it also log collision for the player's gnu itself or only the snowballs?


lalala did my last comment post or what?

by the way, what is trackback URL for?


It doesn't log the player's collision yet but it will soon (it's compiling now). And the trackback url is how Movable Type keeps track of how many times a post has been viewed.



cool! Unfortunately for me (and BOL, and SOSS) I'm not going to have a lot of free time (again) this weekend, but hopefully I can get on in what time I have and throw some snowballs at the targets. I'd like to be able to help get thethe first ever BOL in-game-objective to work!

I'm not going to have a bunch of free time this weekend (again...stupid scholarship packets) but hopefully I'll be able to get on and help collect collision info on the targets. I doubt I'll finish any animations for SOSS though.

In the meantime I've been messing aound with anim8or. I ran across an old half-built house I made, if you're interested in that, but I haven't managed to make any new models. I'll bet if I practiced I'd be able to make characters eventually.

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