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Server Issues

I've noticed some server lag today, so it's possible that for short periods you may not be able to connect or may get disconnected. I'll try to work on it. Don't forget to read the update below.



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Hey Mark, what's up?

I'm posting this from School. I'm being a teacher aide but my teacher ran out of stuff for me to do. They don't let us download stuff though so I can't log in from here. Maybe later this weekend I'll finally be able to test out BOL when I get back from winter camp...I finally finished all my schoolwork so yeah.

Also, you mentioned NPCs in your las post. are there seriously NPCs?!


Still at school...

Umm, just wondering, what is the BOL server being hosted on anyways? I never got to hear the solution to that probelm ^^ I really should have kept up better.


I'll answer the NPC thing!

There are NPCs, but they don't really do much. You can hit them with stuff, though.



I've been kind of out of it the past two days. Did thursday actually happen?!? Anyway, yes there are npcs, no they don't do much yet, and the bol server is being hosted in my brain.



I'm in your brain RIGHT NOW.

lol when I first log in I see like 3 either NPCs or just lagged out characters. I wonder what they are?


They're random npcs that do nothing right now.


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