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August 3, 2006

Trying to get back to work

Well, I've said that I would be working on making this wiki look better and everything, and I will, but I haven't yet. I haven't even taken another look since the day after my last post. So, I'll try and stop procrastinating soon and fix everything. As some of you (videoguy) may have noticed I was having some problems when I did the initial tests on redoing birthoflegends.com. I'm realizing that it'll probably to best to just start totally over from scratch, and dust off my html skills again (which by the way were never very good (I always thought html too basic to really learn)). Part of my laziness is due to the fact that I've felt there to be little to post about, since I can't really get into programming everything again until I have a server open to the public to work with. The server that I'm using now is great except for the fact that I don't own it, and that the real owners don't exactly want a lot of extra traffic at their bandwidth (this is like a friend of a friend now since the first one was never revived). As for how BOL is going, it depends on which aspects your talking about. Serverwise, and therefore codewise, it's not progressing quickly but it is progressing. Ideawise, it's progressing a lot. Even though not much activity has commensed much (at all) on the forums there have been many "private" conversations that have gone over some of the more finer aspects of BOL. So, and maybe I'll do this in my waiting of the server, I need to go through all of those conversations (most where through email or an IRC and have been recorded) and write out the information somewhere and then post it on the site. As mentioned before I plan to update and integrate all the old information (most of which is still relevant) with this new stuff, and put it into wiki form so that I can let others help me update it and also make it easier to update. Graphicswise though, which in some ways is the most important progression right now, I think has stopped completely. I never claimed to have any real artistic talent when it came to modelling so I've been unable to do much. However, it is possible that a few people who said they had stuff for me before still do and that I'll recieve it someday.
In other news, I've been going over the collision to make it more dynamic, realistic, and just better in general. This is providing to be partially difficult though I think I can do it. That's about it for today. Also, I just remembered, my foot that was bitten by the spider is getting much better. I am now only using one crutch instead of two, and have even tried walking without it a few times. So, that being said, by sunday I think I'll be able to walk again without crutches and by next week I might even be able to run, which I've missed. So that's it. Hopefully next time I post the layout will have changed.


August 10, 2006

Going, will be back again...

Not much has been accomplished with the site. I haven't been all that busy but I have been doing a lot more work for other people and for the camp video which I've been a part of, which I'll post on the site when it's done. Not a lot has happened with BOL since my last post but an IP for the server is in the works. This has all been more then I wanted to deal with and I'm considering just buying a server and running it myself (which I would if I had any money :P ). Anyway, as far as the website goes, I tried to implement some basic things that I made in fireworks but it doesn't seem to have worked. When loading there is a quick flash of where it would be and then it goes back to the boring look of before. I'll need more time and possibly mroe help from videoguy to figure out why that is. On another note, after looking at the CSS I figured out some things but it will take about 2 hours I'm guessing to fully understand it all. It is very poorly documented (like not at all) which makes it difficult to figure out what defines what. So far I can change the color of the links and some text, but I'm still looking for the background color. I don't yet have the time to document that with camp coming up but I hope to make progress on it soon after camp. The homepage still hasn't changed, as you might have noticed. I'm not sure how exactly to integrate the page there with the page here but I'm deciding that I can't use frames and that I'm going to need some help as I lack all motivation to work on it. Feel free to leave comments and such, feedback is always nice.


August 25, 2006

The new look emerges

Hey everyone. I've been very slow with this whole transition thing. Right now I'm supposed to be working on my English project for school but I'd much rather work on this. I'll be slowly releasing out the rest of the site's information in wiki form but I'm still unsure as to how I want some of the wiki pages to function and such. Also, I'll be talking individually to those of you who may want to have moderator controls over parts of the wiki. But hey! You can now leave comments to posts right here! About the forum, I'll check out with videoguy but I think we'll be moving most of everything forumwise to a new forum in the same place which will look the same, have all of the old posts, and at the same time work. But who knows? Also, as school "starts" up next week it won't be until then that I'll be able to gauge how much time I'll have for BOL this year, but I think I'll have plenty. I'll also talk to Jon again about the server, since I'll see him tonight. I think that he's actually forgotten about it.


August 26, 2006

Falling into place

Things with the wiki-like setup are starting to fall into place. As you may have already noticed a new Links section has been added to the right that has different links for information. I'm still working on it and right now the information that is there is just a direct copy from the old stuff, so there are still some mistakes. A new thing though is that you can make comments right under each section, which will help me with the updating of it. I'll read everything that people post and if it's correct then I'll add it into the already existing stuff. Right now the links on the outside frame above me still go to the older pages, except for news which goes here. The reason for this is that first of all this site doesn't look that great yet and also I've been too lazy to change it again yet. One other thing, you may wonder if I've managed to finish my English project for school, as I said I wouldn't work on this much until after I finished that. Well, who cares about school anyway? I'm just taking a little bit of a break as I finished the dictionary and the essay. All I have left is some had-written notes, which will take time since I am terrible at writing. So, enough about me, go and comment up the sections!


August 27, 2006


Ok everyone, today as you've probably noticed by now I've slightly improved the frame situation. There is still a little bit of a problem but at least it's a lot better. If you were checking the site while I was updating it then I'm sorry for everything being screwy during those 10 minutes. Now I need to go and I'm not sure when I'll get back today. This will give you guys plenty of time to add comments throughout the site. Also, I've updated the demon and gameplay pages with some newerish information.


Even more changes! [Edit #1]

[Edit #1] I'm slowly adding some more information to the site so some things may look weird for a short amount of time. I'm realizing that I forgot important topics to be listed over at the side over there. If you notice anything else that you think is missing please tell me. Good news about the server is that after talking with Jon tonight I'm going to recieve it on wednesday and set it all up thursday so that it may be fully functional by the end of this friday, 9/1/06. Also, by the end of the week I'll have 6 computers set up in my room with at least 4 of them running at a time, which besides being awesome also means that I'll be able to do a lot more stress testing with BOL and will hopefully speed up production. That is all. [/Edit #1]

Ok, so I changed the height of the frame for what is at least a temporary fix. Now there aren't two scrollbars. I think that this will still work out fine but I'm not sure. Leave your comments of what you think, as your help so far has been great.


August 28, 2006

Filler pages and real stuff

Ok. Today I have added all of the links that had been grayed out before. Now, I haven't even attempted to finish all of them do some of those pages are just a kind of filler, though they still have basic descriptions about what they're about. And also they all have a warning at the top of them that will tell you if they actually are a filler or not. My reasoning of this is that this main page and those pages aren't really connected, I have to connect them semi-manually, so creating pages for them to link to and then linking to them makes me have less work and not have to update the links quite as often. You may have noticed that the links in the outer frame of this post (the ones on the top of the page) still mostly all point to the old stuff, except for the news one, which links to here. Well, firstly I haven't decided what I want to do with the download pages and the screenshots, and secondly I just haven't gotten around to that yet. Also, I need to finish up my English project as I only have today and tomorrow left to do it, so updates might be slightly slower (for a few hours). During my posting today I realised that I forgot to make a section in the links for crafting. If you guys can help me think of other things that I'm mising that would be great.



Guess what everyone? I now have a mouse wheel! That's right! Now I'll have to fix the website and the game to actually work properly with mouse wheels. So that's one less complaint for you guys to make. :) So yeah, that's the only thing I have to say for this post. Leave comments, read the other pages, yada yada yada.


August 29, 2006

What's not happening today:

Just so everyone knows, I'm not going to be doing much updating today of the site. I have 7 chapters to summarize of a very boring book (basically the history of the Oxford English Dictionary). So, possibly I'll do something tonight but no garuntees as I also just got a ti-89 today so I'm having some fun with that. So far I've been able to update the site everyday, which is good. Because of school I think that I'll have even more time to update the site, but who knows?



I have finished my entire English project now, and I still have over three hours before I should think about sleep, awesome. I'm not going to do any more work, site or otherwise, and instead take a break. Never, I repeat, Never read The Professor and the Madman unless you absolutely have to. One last thing, this main page, at least at my computer, is having a hard time at refreshing after changes, mainly due to being shown in a frame. I will work on that by the end of the week and I'm sorry for those of you who might be missing posts because of it. That is all.


August 30, 2006

Leveling system update

Today I had some time to add new content. Over on the Fighting and Travel page there is a big update about how the leveling system, SBDLS, works. It should be a pretty interesting read. I'm eager to read any feedback you may have.


August 31, 2006


Today I've been making a lot of changes in the background. I haven't fixed it everywhere but in some places, comments especially, some of the links are wrong which could potentially cause people to become very confused (because this page and the special links to the right are only theoretically connected, though they are at the same general location. I'll be working more on this later on. Now I'm going to have some server fun.


p.s. Reading other people's comments is a good idea. Like Ix just posted something interesting one of these posts down.

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