April 22, 2008

Content Status

Currently at: ~5%

I'm sure this number will surprise many people, at least it surprised me, but there is really very little that I have to work with. Most of what I do have right now can't be used in the final game because of copyright issues. I currently have about 25-35 good object models (mostly weapons and shields), no good character models (that have rigged skeletons and animations I mean), and a few landscapes that work great by themselves but aren't connected and only make up about 10% of the main continent. The biggest problem as far as this is concerned is that I'm not a good 3D artist and I need help to continue. If anyone wants to help feel free to email me.

What I could use:
-Concept art
-A New Logo
-Creature/Character models
-Common objects (beds, tables, books, etc.)
-Animations for characters